Reason behind Conflicts between Jews and Romans

Conflicts between two parties cannot be avoided. It always happen even in the ancient times. In history, there was always a conflict between the Jewish people and the Romans. As a result, the Jewish-Roman wars occurred. The Jews revolted against the Romans. At that time, those who believe in God are divided into two groups. They are the Jews who had Judaism as their religion and the Christians who believe in Jesus as the Messiah. As for the Romans, they blamed the Jews whenever there is calamity.

Since the Romans only believed in the sun-god, they focused only on worshiping and bowing down to the sun. While the Christians in those days who are actually Jews kept their faith in God. Even if Jesus was not with them, they still kept their faith in Him. Because of this, the group of Romans are against the Jews. And during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, Christians seem to live freely. In fact, there were Christian soldiers under the reign of Constantine. One of the great clinic in our town for eye is here. You can read 眼科 more from this site. This is so much appreciated eye clinic ever.

There was the first Jewish-Roman War wherein there was a massive uprising. Then, the Roman soldiers tried to capture Jerusalem. In that war, it was the Romans who won a victory. The Christians in those days had to suffer because of the rebellion that the Jews started. Though Christians didn’t do anything bad in those days, the Romans were not able to distinguish the difference between the Jews who believed in Judaism from that of the Christians who believed Jesus.